Rant on Des Moines Sports Radio

Okay this got me really pissed of I mean really are you serious!!!!! My favorite sports broadcaster in Iowa got fired because of some freakin ******* having to start an arguement over high school credentials seriously cmon. Well I have a clip of it and I will share it here. Disclaimer (Not responsible for whoever is offended by this)

Oh the pictures are of the ****


Champion of Baseball History Tournament

Congrats to the 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers for being the Baseball History Tournament Champions. Sorry for not keeping you updated on the Tourny. I was busy with Spring practice for my Varsity team. Obviously that comes first before this. Well let’s look at some moments of the 1941 Brooklyn Dodgers.



Yankees Looking to Stay Hot Against Detroit

DET                                        VS                  NYY


Well you know it is just Spring Training, but the Yankees have been on a hot streak lately being undefeated in their last 5. New York will send out Joba Chamberlain who is a starter in the Yankees rotation. This will be his fourth Grapefruit League start. The Detroit Tigers will send out Rick Porcello, who his battling for the Tigers 5th spot in the rotation. Only a couple weeks of Spring Training left, so enjoy it.

Pictures from MLB.com

USA Gets Tough Draw for Semi-Final Match-Up

The games are set. The fans are ready. 3 of the teams are ready. The 1 thats not ready is the USA. Plauged by injuries Team USA has found out who they have the honor of facing in Los Angeles. The team…… Japan. Well no one said it was going to be easy right? Right. Good News the team has added Evan Longoria to replace Chipper Jones, so Adam Dunn can return to the outfield, and hopefully Mark DeRosa will play 1B. Now the USA has a 3rd Baseman incase David Wright’s foot swells up and he can’t move. Pitching will be at a premium so the USA needs to throw to of their best pitching performances in a row if they want to win so that means Roy Oswalt and Jake Peavy. Ya but Peavy has had succes in big games and this may be the biggest he plays in. So good luck to USA. USA this is your mission: Bring the Hardware Home!UNITED STATES SHORT CONTENT

Pictures form WorldBaseballClassic.com

Bombers Come From Behind in Fort Myers to Defeat Twins

NYY4                                        2MIN


Exciting day for a Yankee fan. Mostly because Mark Teixeira hit his first home run as a New York Yankee off of Joe Nathan, the Twins talented closer. Todd Linden also hit a solo shot to tie the game up at 2 runs a piece. Francisco Cervelli knocked in the go-ahead run in the 8th inning. Austin Jackson hit a home run in the 9th inning to seal the game up. On the mound, Phil Hughes got the start for the Yankees. He went 4.1 innings allowing 3 hits and gave up 1 run. Jason Johnson pitched 1.2 innings, gave up 3 hits, and gave up a run. Anthony Clagget picked up the win, his first (1-0). He walked 1 batter. David Robertson pitched 1.1 innings and struck out 3 batters. Kei Igawa got the save.

Picture from MLB.com